Volume & Issue: Volume 26, Issue 4, March 2014, Pages 375-545 

Research Paper

Study of the variation in chlorophyll a fluorescence parameters in two durum wheat cultivars in response to salinity

Pages 375-386

Investigation relationship between some of environmental factors and ecological groups in Golzar Izeh, Iran.

Pages 387-396

Effect of seed aging on germination and seedling growth indices in three cultivars of Brassica napus L.

Pages 397-411

Morphological and anatomical study on some of Astragalus L. (sect. Incani DC.) in Boroujerd

Pages 412-422

Life and Growth Form Study of Helophytic, Hygrophytic and Euhydrophytic Plants in East and West of Mazandaran

Pages 423-433

Effect of Altitude on Annual Diameter Growth of Quercus libani Oliv in Kurdistan Province

Pages 434-443

Ecological survey Rhus coriraria L. shrub in west of Iran

Pages 444-452

Effects of lead toxicity on foliar anatomy in Hypericum perforatum L.

Pages 453-464

The effect of some hormones and nitrogenous compounds on capacity, velocity and synchrony of germination of Zygophyllum atriplicoides seeds under salinity stress

Pages 465-475

Comparative study of growth and secondary metabolite production ability in transformed hairy roots from Cichorium intybus

Pages 476-485

Leaf anatomical study of Lolium species from Poaceae family in Iran

Pages 486-499

Study of the function and alteration of plants root in the Oil-contaminated Soils

Pages 500-509

Introduction to the flora, life forms and chorology of Saral of Kurdistan (Case study sub catchment Farhadabad)

Pages 510-525

Study on phonological and growth characteristics of different poplar clones (Populus euramericana (Dode) Guinier) in Guilan province

Pages 526-536

Comparison the seed morphology of several species of Hyoscyamus

Pages 537-545