Volume & Issue: Volume 27, Issue 5, March 2015, Pages 753-977 

Research Paper

Effect of benzo (α) pyrene on the pollen allergenicity of Helianthus annuus L.

Pages 753-765

zahra baghaeifar

Structural characteristics of oak coppice stands of Marivan Forests

Pages 766-776


Mehdi Pourhashemi

Effect of salinity on growth factors, proline, pigments and absoption of elements in shoot of four wild Almond

Pages 777-787


Hassan jahanbazi; Sayed Mohammad Hosseini Nasr; Khosro saghebtalebi; Seyyed Mohammad Hojjati

Influence of phosphorus deficiency on drought stress tolerance in two tomato (Solanum lycopersum L.) cultivars

Pages 788-803


Virulence of Different Strains of Agrobacterium rhizogenes on genetic transformation in Astragalus compactus

Pages 804-810


sedigheh habibi; vahid niknam; Hassan Ebrahimzadeh; masoud mirmasoumi

Indicator plant species in monitoring forest soil conditions using logistic regression model in Zagros Oak (Quercus brantii var.persica) forest ecosystems, Ilam city

Pages 811-828


Mehdi Heydari; Hassan Poorbabaei; Omid Esmaaelzade

Effects of drought stress on photosynthesis, its parameters and relative water content of anise (Pimpinella anisum L.(

Pages 829-839


narges heidari

Effect of methyl jasmonate on antioxidant enzyme activities, phenolic and flavonoid compounds in Scrophularia striata cell culture

Pages 840-853


Narges Khanpour-Ardestani

Plant diversity at different interval times after burnings in a semiarid rangeland

Pages 854-864


The floristical study of observed species from Papaver L. in ruderal and segetal environments of some of the biotops inside of Hamedan city

Pages 865-871


Abbas Shahsavari; Maryam Biglarniya

Breaking seed dormancy in Hordeum spontaneum L.

Pages 872-884


Shakiba Shahmoradi; Mohhamad Chaichi; Javad Mozafari; Dariush Mazaheri; Farzad Sharif Zadeh

Comparison some of physiological and biochemical changes in healthy trees and willow branches gall (Salix babylonica)

Pages 885-892


Effects of gibberellic acid on Hill reaction, photosynthetic Pigment and phenolic compounds in Moldavian dragonhead (Dracocephalum moldavica L.)in different drought stress levels

Pages 893-903


Effect of different concentrations of sodium nitroprusside on physiological characteristics and the vase life of cut flowers of toberose (Polianthes tuberosa L.)

Pages 904-914


Sajad Alipour; Fatemeh Nasibi

Effect of propyl gallate on photosystem II efficiency in unicellular green alga Dunaliella salina as probed by chlorophyll fluorescence measurements

Pages 915-926


alireza einali

Comparative Analysis of Rosmarinic Acid and Salvianolic Acids A and B Contents in Four Wild Growing Salvia Species from Iran

Pages 927-936


Marzieh Fotovvat; Tayebeh Radjabian; Azra Saboora; Massoud Ranjbar; Roghayeh Sadat Ejtahed

The effects of silicon on phytochelatins, none structural carbohydrate and K in two cultivars of Iranian rice (Oriza sativa)

Pages 937-948


Heidar Ali Malmir; sakine Rudi

Study of libani group of Oaks in Zagros mountains and introduce a new record of them for the flora of Iran.

Pages 964-977