Volume & Issue: Volume 29, Issue 1, June 2016, Pages 1-242 

Research Paper

Effects of culture media and growth regulators on propagation of rootstock GF677 in tissue culture conditions

Pages 1-14

Hassan Hamidi; َAli Asghar Rezagholy

Investigation of secretory structures in some of the Hypericum species in Iran

Pages 15-30

Mahnaz Bayat; Mohammad Rahiminejad

Status of unmanaged oriental beech stand in different development stages within 5-years period (case study: Langa- Kelardasht)

Pages 31-42

Pejman Parhizkar; khosro sagheb talebi

Improvment of stability traits and enzyme activity in Diana carnation (caryophyllus L. Dianthus) cut flower in preservative solutions

Pages 43-53

Evaluation of enzymatic changes during flower bud dormancy in several apricot cultivars based on accmulation chilling requirement (Prunus armeniaca)

Pages 54-64

sahar Toupchizade-tabrizian; jafar hajilou

The study of anther and pollen developmental stages in Petunia hybrida

Pages 65-79

abdolkarim chehregani; hasan ramezani

Autecology and phenology of Pistacia atlantica in relation to edaphic and physiographic factors in Kabirkoh forests of Darreh Shahr county, Ilam province

Pages 80-95

mahdi Heydari

Morfometric Studies on the 14 species of Thymus L.(Lamiaceae) in Iran

Pages 96-106

zahra Talebian; Aziz olahh jafari; Masoomeh yusefinejad

The Combined Effect of Water Hardness and Metribuzin Herbicides on Some Population Parameters of Microalgae Scenedesmus quadricauda

Pages 107-117

Natural Regeneration of (Populus caspica Bornm.) and its relationship with soil physical and chemical properties (Case Study: Safrabaste Region in East of Guilan province)

Pages 118-129

Mir mozaffar Fallahchai

Effect of Salicylic acid on salinity and alkalinity resistance in sweet pepper plant

Pages 130-141

Fardin Ghanbari; Ali-Ashraf Amirinejad; Mohammad Sayyari; Sajjad kordi


Pages 142-158

farideh Attar; mostafa asadi

Effect of plant growth regulators on plantlet regeneration from callus in two Iranian melons cv. (Cucumis melo) by In-vitro

Pages 159-168

Seyedeh Mahdiyeh Kabirhashemi; Alireza Ghanbari; Abdulkarim Kashi

study the stem and leaf anatomical variation of Clypeola (Brassicaceae) in Iran

Pages 169-179

Maryam Keshavarzi; Sousan Abbasian

Why Moringa peregrina (Forssk.) Fiori is distributed at South of Iran

Pages 180-190

The effect of different concentrations of hormones and explant type on callus induction on persian poppy

Pages 191-198

Optimization of callus induction and ephedrine production in Ephedra major

Pages 199-209

morteza Mofid Bojnoordi; Mahnaz Aghdasi; manijeh Mianabadi; Mohabat Nadaf

Study of cadmium and zinc interaction in Matthiola flavida Boiss.

Pages 210-220

Ahmad Mohtadi; Saeedeh Hooshyari

Evaluation of Energy, Value and Vigour of Seed Germination in Peanut (Arachis hypogaea L)

Pages 221-234

Short Paper

Effect of copper oxide nanoparticle on growth, protein content, chlorophylls and carotenoid in (Chlorella vulgaris)

Pages 235-242