Volume & Issue: Volume 30, Issue 3, December 2017, Pages 477-722 

Research Paper

Effect of interaction Triacontanol and arsenic on the growth and some biochemical and physiological properties of soybean (Glycine max L)

Pages 477-487

hosein Mozafari

Investigation of callus induction and indirect shootregeneration in Chelidonium majus L. affected by plant growth regulators

Pages 488-497

Akram Esfandiar

The effect of heavy metals and different combination of planting beds on antioxidant enzymes in pinto bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L. cv. Sadri)

Pages 498-511

Fatemeh Amini; Hamidreza Balouchi

Studying the growth process of microalgae Chlorella using water enrichment of Caspian Sea in general medium

Pages 512-520

Hassan Taghavi; Ali Ganjian

The Effects of Aluminum and Phosphorous on some of Morphological Characteristics and the concentration of inorganic ions of Brassica napus

Pages 521-530

zahra tohidi; shekofeh Enteshari

Effect of growth regulators on proliferation ber four (Ziziphus spp.) In vitro culture

Pages 531-540

sakineh jokari

The effect of plant growth regulators on in vitro growth of hazelnut and Taxol production in the callus

Pages 541-559

Roghayeh Hazrati; Nasser Zare

Study the effect of physiographic and anthropogenic factors on the spatial distribution of Pestacia atlantica using GIS in Dareh Shahr forests

Pages 560-570

mahdi Heydari

Study of ecological characteristics of some Capparis spinosa L. habitats in Qom province

Pages 571-580

elham khoshsima; Younes Asri; Gholamreza Bakhshi Khaniki; Seyyed Mehdi Adnani

Investigation on effects of Xantothoxin as an allochemical on some Physiological and biochimical aspects of Lettuce

Pages 581-590

Seyed Mehdi Razavi; hadi hosseinzadeh

Biodiversity of forest and steppe associations in Juniper(Juniperus excelsa) habitat of southern Alborz (Firuzkooh, Iran)

Pages 591-606

Hooman Ravanbakhsh; Mostafa Asadi

Effects of Salinity, molybdenum and mycorrhizal fungi (Glomus versiform) on the oxidative enzymes activity and some physiological characteristics in corn

Pages 607-618

Mina Andollahi; Hadi Ghorbani; Mostafa Heidari

The effect of exhaust emissions stress on morphological and biochemical indices of Corn (Zea mays var. indentata)

Pages 619-634

Behnam Karimi; Ramin Ezzati

Efficiency evaluation of transect and regression modeling in estimation and prediction of some coarse woody debris characteristics in Fandoghlou forest of Ardabil

Pages 635-643

Farshad Keivan Behjou

Effects of Some Environmental Factors on Dieback Severity of Trees in Middle Zagros forests of Iran (Case Study: strait Daalaab, Ilam Province)

Pages 644-655

Iraj Hassanzad Navroodi

Floristic study of pastures above timberline of Lomir watershed

Pages 656-673

Aiuob Moradi; Behnam Hamzeh; Valiollah Mozaffarian

Evaluation of content of phenylpropanoid compounds of latex and chemical composition of essential oil of Ferula assa-foetida L. in some natural pasturelands of Kerman, Iran

Pages 674-687

The effect of two times rejuvenation pruning on vegetative and reproductive of four cut rose (Rosa hybrida L.) cultivars under soilless culture

Pages 688-700

Measuring and allometry modeling tree commercial bole carbon sequestration of mixed-beech Hyrcanian forests of Iran

Pages 701-712

Ali Asghar Vahedi

Temporal and special variations of physicochemical factors and special richness of phytoplanktons in Manjil reservoir

Pages 713-722