Morphological and anatomical studies of vegetative and reproductive structures in ors (Juniperus seravshanica)

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1 Department of Biology, Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman, Kerman, Iran,

2 Department of Plant Biology, Faculty of Science, Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman, kerman, Iran


Juniperus species are resistant to frost and drought and have several medicinal and industrial uses. The genus has low regeneration that studies of structure and distribution of various species can helps to survey this reduction resons. J. seravshanica is distributed at different regions of Kerman province; young plants distribution is low and they are mostly seen in the crevices of mountains or rocks, but they have higher distribution in protected area of Gluchar. The leaves of young plants are arranged in whorls of 3, but during development both scaly and needle leaves are seen which the later with decussate arrangement, lignin epidermis and hypodermis and resin ducts are the main. The plant is diocious, but in some male plants, a few female cones are formed. Male cones are small, yellow, nonwoody without secretory structures and sclereids. Each cone has 8-14 scales and each scales has 3-5 pollen sacs. The pollen have mucilagenous intine. The female cones consist of attached 6-10 scales that are separated before pollination and become close again to form berries. The female cones develop into blue to brown with white coating. Many cones are dried during development, especially in the early stages. The development of the female cone takes about two years, and a set of one- and two-year-old cones are seen. The mature cone is fleshy which scleride cells form its main volume. It also has resin ducts that give it a pleasant smell. Each fruit has 2-6 seeds with hollow (empty) or immature embryos.


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