Volume & Issue: Volume 31, Issue 4, January 2019, Pages 751-1006 

Research Paper

Assessing the effects of auxin along with calcium and nitrate concentration altrations on the biomass and alkaloids in H. arachnoideus Pojark tissue cultures.

Pages 751-766

Mahdis Ebrahimzade; mehri mehrabi

Influence of compost fertilizer on some photosynthetic parameters of lentil (Lens culinaris Medik.) in three growth stages under drought stress

Pages 767-780

Nezam Armand; Saeed Reza Hosseinzadeh; Garshasb Rigi

Study of altitude effect on abundance and composition of tree regeneration in natural forest stands of Astara

Pages 781-790

Iraj Hassanzad Navroodi

Heavy metal accumulation and anatomical responses of plane plant to urban pollutions in two areas of Tehran

Pages 791-800

Esmaeeel Khosropour; Pedram Atarod

Alleviation of Salt Stress Effects in Triticale (× Triticosecale) by Bio Fertilizers and Zinc Application

Pages 801-821

Younes Kheirizadeh Arough; Raouf Sharifi; Razieh Khalilzadeh

The effect of water deficits on some morphological and physiological characteristics of three varieties of strawberry

Pages 822-837

Mahin Rafeipour; Mansour Gholami; Hasan Sarikhani

Impact of endophyte fungus Serendipita indica on fungus-assisted phyto-stabilization and performance of Carthamus tinctorius in a lead polluted soil

Pages 838-851

Saleh Shahabivand; Vahid Tayebnia; Ali Asghar Aliloo

Ecological, physiognomic and floristic investigation of the saline mountain area, Qom

Pages 852-859

Reza Sheikhakbari-Mehr

The Effect of Growing Conditions Explants and Growth Regulators on Callus Induction Potato Plant (Solanum tuberosum L.)

Pages 860-872

Massomeh Amerian

The palynological studies of Crocus L. (Iridaceae) with emphasis on taxonomy in Iran

Pages 873-880

Intra and inter-specific morphological variations in the genus Urtica L. (Urticaceae), new key and new descriptions for species in Iran

Pages 881-893

Effects of gibberellin on contents of photosynthetic pigments, proline, phenol and flavonoid in savory plants (Satureja hortensis L.) under salt stress

Pages 894-908

Rana Firoozeh; Ramazanali Khavarinejad; Farzaneh Najafi; Sara Saadatmand

Structure and spatial distribution pattern of tree communities of Juniper (Juniperus foetidissima Willd) in Arasbaran region

Pages 909-921

SAJAD GHANBARI; Kiomars Sefidi

Evaluation of genetic diversity of some native hazelnut accessions based on morphological traits in Ahar zone

Pages 922-935

Alireza Ghanbari; Morteza Aghapour; Adel pyrayesh

Introduced flora, life forms and geographical distribution of plants tight Balangestan

Pages 936-946

mansureh ghavam; somayeh Dehdari; shadab Hosseinpour

Investigating the effect of Gall on Biochemistry compounds Quercus persica trees (Case Study: Blouran area, Lorestan Province)

Pages 947-954

Evaluation of salinity adjusted by using humic acid and ascorbic acid in medicinal plant of moldavian balm (Dracocephalum moldavica L.)

Pages 955-971

Rooting and shoot growth of soft-wood cutting of rubber fig (Ficus elastica Roxb. ex Hornem) in response to indole butyric acid and paclobutrazol

Pages 972-982

Ebrahim Rahimi

The Effect of Salinity Stress on Gas Exchange Rate and Leaf Water Potential in Cercis Siliquastrum L. and Robinia Pseudoacacia L Species.

Pages 983-993

babak pilevar

Cadmium Effect on Morphologic-Anatomic Characteristics and Pigments Content of sugarcane (Saccarum officinarum L.) Var Cp48-103 In vitro Culture

Pages 994-1006

Maryam Kolahi