Volume & Issue: Volume 27, Issue 3, November 2014, Pages 336-519 

Research Paper

Study on effect of lead toxicity on generative organs’ structure in Matricaria chamomilla L.

Pages 336-345

fatemeh Zarinkamar

Investigation of callus and organogenesis of indirect plant (Capsicum annuum L.) under tissue culture condition

Pages 346-355

Mahmood Otroshi; kpsar Moradi

Essential oil composition and secretory structurs of Chaerophyllum macropodum Boiss

Pages 356-362

Relationship between ß-carotene accumulation and cold stress resistance in unicellular green alga Dunaliella using Chl-a fluorescence kinetic

Pages 363-375

Marzieh Paizi; alireza Einali

Investigation Aouecology of Montpellier maple (Acer monspessulanum subsp. Cinerascens) Fars Province forest

Pages 376-385

hasan pourbabaei; Mohammad Adel

Study on Different Concentrations Effects of Lead Acetate on Ovule Developmental Stages on Eggplant (Solanum melongena L.)

Pages 386-394

majid Tavakoli; Abdolkarim Chehregani Rad; hossein Lari Yazdi

Effect of osmopriming on germination and physiological qualitative characteristic of Pinus eldarica Medw seed under drought stress.

Pages 395-405

zeinab javanmard; masood Tabari Koochaksaraee; fatemeh Ahmadloo

Floristic study of plant species (Ruderal and segetal) in Bushehr city.

Pages 406-416

Mohammad Reza Khajehzadeh; Abbas Shahsavari

The effect of ascorbic acid on reduction of oxidative stress caused by salinity in potato

Pages 417-426

fatemeh Daneshmand

Amelioration of postharvest chilling injury in tomato fruit by brassinosteroids treatment

Pages 427-439

Morteza Soleimani aghdam; Mohammad reza Asghari

The effect of methyl jasmonate and salicylic acid elicitors on production amount of Glycyrrhizin and Isoliquiritigenin in hairy roots of Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra L.)

Pages 440-449

Zahra Shirazi; khosro piri; asghar Mirzaie Asl; Tahereh Hasanloo; Taiebe Ghiasvand

A review of oak gall wasps of Iran, distribution, host plants and introducing a managing programm for their`s protection

Pages 450-464

Seyed ebrahim Sadeghi; George Melika; Graham Stone; Majid Tavakoli; Hassan Barimani; Satar Zeinali

The effect of duration of moist chilling, concentration, type and application time nitrogen compounds on seed germination and seedling growth of Kelussia odoratissima Mozaff.

Pages 465-477

rayhaneh Amooaghaie; maryam Vali vand

Effects of Different Phosphorus Concentrations on Biomass and Growth in Green Microalgae Chlorococcum sp.

Pages 478-489

Omidvar Farhadian; Mojtaba Fallahi; Nasrolah Mahboubi Soofiani

Effect of selenium and cadmium interaction on aldehydes and hydrogen peroxide content and catalase activity in wheat seedling (Kavir cv)

Pages 490-500

fatemeh Daryaee; Mohammad Javad Arvin

The effect of NAA and different explants on Secondary somatic embryogenesis of strawberry (Fragaria ananassa Duch.)

Pages 501-510

Isa Arji

Impact of Physiographic Factor on Biodiversity Indices of Herbaceous species Juniper Stands in Hezar Masjed Mountains

Pages 511-519

Toktam Momeni moghaddam